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Using a Touch Phone


£3.90 per hour plus insurance

(Only £31.85 + insurance for full day hire!)

Members can book and drive the cars at the above rates so sign up now if you have not yet done so!

Log in to your TECC hiyacar account, select the Hawick car that you want, the date and times. The hiyacar booking system will check that the vehicle is available and you can then confirm the details.


The cars will be fully charged at the start of your hire. There is no need to top up before returning them but any extra charge needed during the hire must be covered by the hirer.

You can use the ChargePlace Scotland card on the car to enable CPS charge points and we will bill you afterwards.

Please book via the hiyacar website and use the app on your phone to unlock the car.

Remember to leave the car clean and tidy for the next driver.

BMW i3

Our SMW i3


Our Nissan Leaf
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