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It's really quite simple, all you have to do is follow these four easy steps and you're on your way!


Sign up using our online form on the JOIN page here on our website. You can click the button below to go directly there and you can be approved within a matter of minutes!


Using any device you can login to the hiyacar website or their app where you will be able to reserve the car that best suits your journey and is available on the date and times you need.


Unlock the car with the hiyacar app on your mobile phone (or an RFID card); unplug it and drive away and discover the innovative power of EV technology! Then return the car to its charging point and plug it in to recharge for the next driver.


The savings can be huge, with no purchase outlay, no road tax, no MOT, no maintenance or even fuel to pay. It's all included in the price of £3.90 per hour. The only additional charge is for the trip insurance

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