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​Join TECC by signing up and verifying your identity

TECC has partnered with hiyacar—a peer-to-peer car sharing platform—to provide driver authentication services. Sign up via their quick process, which can be completed in a couple of minutes.

TECC Membership costs £27.50 per year and gives you full rights as a member of this co-op.

Your liability is limited to the £1 co-op membership share that is included in your first year's membership fee. This buys a single share in the society and is not withdrawable and not transferable.

The sign-up process (for those under 75) is straightforward;
if you have passed your 75th birthday, please be in touch as we need to make different arrangements to effect insurance cover for you.


Who can become a member of the club?

Insurance is the single most challenging aspect of setting up the car club and the insurance company has rules that protect them and us from perceived dangers. All drivers have to fit within their criteria at all times or the insurance cover becomes invalid.

We check drivers' eligibility at sign-up and periodically after that but it is your responsibility to inform us if something happens to make you no longer eligible to drive the cars.

For fuller details, check out Hiyacar's FAQ about restrictions.

Must hold a


You must have held a full UK driver's licence for at least a year and be a UK resident. Your licence must be current and show your current place of residence, which is a standard requirement for all UK driving licences.

There are some exemptions and alternatives to this requirement; check out the FAQ linked above and get in touch if in doubt.

Driver's age must be

OVER 23 &

No one under 23 or under 25 and a student can be covered by our insurance unfortunately.

If you are under 30 there are a few extra restrictions and the insurance charges may be higher.

Over 75s need to make contact directly with TECC so that insurance can be set up.

Your licence must have


If you have accumulated too many points on your driving licence, the insurance company deems that you are a greater risk. If you commit a traffic offence, you may be given points on your licence. If this happens, please let us know. If your total exceeds six points, you will not be allowed to drive (or hire) the cars until sufficient points expire and are removed from your licence. Failing to inform us can result in significant consequences.

You must not have been


You must never have been disqualified from driving, ever been been refused insurance, had a policy cancelled, had a policy voided or been quoted an increased premium or had special terms imposed.


Also, you must never have been convicted of or cautioned for any criminal offence of any kind or have any prosecution pending e.g. fraud, theft, acts of violence etc

Not be a


You must not derive your financial income wholly from professional entertainment or be partly or wholly engaged as a professional sportsperson, a professional entertainer, a musician, a student under 25, unemployed, a taxi driver, a courier or on course betting.

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