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Discover the power of EV cars and the beauty of green energy technology, with our BMW i3, Nissan Leaf and Smart fortwo cars all of which are at the forefront of todays ecologically friendly and economically sensible driving.

Each of these cars offer comfortable, responsive and stylish travel, with the added bonus of a massively reduced impact on the environment.

BMW i3

The award-winning car from BMW that is manufactured from low-impact materials and renewable energy. The single-pedal driving is intuitive and relaxing while the technology behind the scenes provides the best fuel economy of any family car.

The avant-garde design hints at the green credentials for this vehicle. These start from the hydro-electricity that powers the factory and extend to the organic materials used for the interior. The production of the vehicle uses half the energy of similar cars and only a third of the water. Recycled plastics are used in the textile upholstery and the exterior. All parts are designed with a view to being recyclable with aluminium and carbon fibre components being used widely.

What people say

easy to drive • very quiet • looks great • spacious • well laid out • very quick: 0–40mph in 2 seconds • smooth ride • very environmentally made • more than adequate range & power • intuitive single-pedal driving • nice to drive • battery power system is very economical • great brand • excellent car

Our BMW i3 at Hawick Library
Our Nissan Leaf ready to drive
Nissan Leaf

The latest version of the famous Nissan Leaf is part of our fleet and provides even greater range. The new, 'e-pedal' allows one-foot driving for a more efficient and responsive ride.

What people say

very impressed • quiet • decent-sized boot for luggage for going away • e-pedal—accelerator & brake on one pedal • good, smooth family drive • comfortable in the back with plenty space • responsive • comfortable


Smart fortwo EQ

This fun, two-seater is very economical and the cheapest of our cars. The range is only 60 miles but it recharges in an hour at our own charging station so it's great for trips around the Borders; visiting friends, shopping and for appointments.

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