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The Senior Club


Members who have passed their 75th birthday need to join the senior part of the club. The rules are slightly different and the method of signing up is different because of the limitations of the insurance. Senior members select one of the cars and are added to the base insurance policy for that vehicle. One of our members is the policy holder and the others are named drivers on that policy.

To effect the insurance, we will need:

  • Full, legal name—as it appears on your driving licence

  • Date of birth

  • Length of time you have been a UK residence or 'from birth'

  • Place of birth—if not born in UK

  • Martial status

  • Length of time that you have held a full, UK driving licence

  • Any motoring convictions or accidents in the last 5 years

  • Any non-motoring convictions in the last 5 years

  • Employment status and job or former job if retired

  • Medical history of anything that that DVLA needs to know or has been notified of

We will also need photographs or scans of both sides of your driving licence, a phone number and email address that we can contact you on and a DVLA check code.

Charges, bookings and unlocking

The all-inclusive rates are £6 per hour, £49 per day and £295 per week. This is comparable to the charges for the junior club once their trip insurance costs are factored in.

Booking is done by adding a reserved time to the calendar. We will explain in detail how this is done.

You may be given an RFID card to unlock and lock the car and after the hire we will invoice you for the booking.

How to proceed

Please email us with the above listed details and which car you want to drive. We will add you to the insurance and be in touch to explain how the system works. Once you are on the insurance, we can take you for an orientation drive and show you how the systems work.

Please phone up with any questions or if you need help with any of the requirements.

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