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Charging away from base

We always aim to have the cars fully charged before the start of bookings. There is no requirement to recharge the car before returning it but longer journeys may need top-ups on the way.

The driver is responsible for the cost of extra charge-ups during a booking. Some of these may be free, many can be put on the club's ChargePlace Scotland card, some will require a bank card for a PAYG payment and a few might require an app and signing up with a bank card and perhaps seeding the account with an initial deposit.

There is a card in the driver's door pocket giving instructions about the charging methods, rates and networks. Charging cables are in the boot (Leaf) or under the bonnet (BMW).

The CPS card on each car is kept on the dashboard (BMW) or central pocket (Leaf). Presenting this to the charge point should be enough to start the charging process. We will invoice you for any top-ups once we receive the cost details from CPS shortly after the turn of the month.

Please ask for an orientation to charging before you need to do this for the first time. The process is straightforward enough but is worth practicing before you need to do it on your own. Other EV drivers are usually very helpful and there is always someone on the other end of a phone.

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