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How much is the insurance?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

A very common question that new and enquiring members ask is the cost of the insurance component for the bookings.

The reason that we don't state it along with our prices is that we don't know! The cost of insurance is purely between you, HIyacar and the insurance company that they work with; TECC does not even see how much is charged.

The insurance company calculates a price based on the driver, the car and the times of the booking.

  • The BMW is more expensive than the Leaf

  • The minimum insurance cost is £4+tax

  • certain times of day are more costly than others

  • the cost is not linear; 8 hours does not cost twice 4 hours

  • points on your licence, recent claims and inexperience will all attract higher insurance costs

The easiest way of checking out how much you will be charged is to do a 'test booking'. Start the process of booking a car, specifying start and end times. Go to the "Price break down" to see the amount that the insurance costs. You will not be charged anything unless you actually confirm the booking.

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