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Cleaning the cars

Drivers have the right to expect the cars to be clean when they pick them up at the start of the booking. They also have the responsibility to clean the vehicle at the end of the booking. More details on HIyacar's policy is available on their website. Please report an unacceptably dirty car when you pick it up and take pictures of the mess or dirt.

TECC has no paid staff to clean the cars between bookings and, as a co-operative, we rely on each member pulling their weight. Please take the car to one of the local car washes before returning the car unless it is already sufficiently clean. There is a dustpan and brush in the boot and some car wash places have vacuum cleaners available.

Car washes can be found at the following (What3Words) locations:

  • ///sculpture.storybook.radar good, manual wash plus out-of-hours vending machine

  • ///masses.september.finer vending machine

  • ///modifies.revisit.fools manual wash with optional extras

  • ///clicker.afterglow.spinning automatic car wash—not preferred

  • ///commended.solder.waddle coin-in-slot vacuum cleaner

If there are others that you know of or can recommend, please comment below or be in touch.

There is a standard charge of £15 if a car is returned in an unacceptable condition.

Together we can ensure that our cars are kept clean and tidy for the enjoyment of all.

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