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One of the joys of driving a EVs is that they can be programmed to 'precondition' ready for departure. This not only warms up the cab and defrosts the windscreen and side windows but it also warms up the battery, ensuring that it is an the optimum temperature for maximising range.

At the moment, this programming needs to be done manually, which means that we need to know about your booking sufficiently in advance for us to schedule that. If you have to book a car at short notice, do phone the club phone so that we can trigger a preconditioning. It takes about half an hour to preheat the cab and longer to warm the battery thoroughly.

You may still need to do a little scraping of the windows but the bulk of the work should have been done for you.

Driving on the snow is also a little easier in an EV because of the gentle traction that can be obtained without delicate clutch 'balancing'. Both cars have anti-skid systems and the regenerative braking will reduce the likelihood of skidding … but do drive carefully in these icy conditions.

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