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Taking Charge

If you are on a longer journey and need to recharge the car's battery, this can be done in various ways. There is a model-specific set of instructions in the driver's door pocket. We are also happy to give you an orientation session to let you practice using different chargers before you head off on your trek.

Drivers are responsible for paying for these top-ups but there is a ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) card in each vehicle so that it is straightforward to trigger the charging session by presenting the card to the charge point. We will invoice you for these sessions once we get the data, which will be in the middle of the following month. You can also chose to pay directly where that is an option and for non-CPS chargers, this is necessary.

If things are not straightforward, it is probably best to phone the charge point provider, whose telephone number will be on the unit but feel free to phone the TECC number if it is not to do with the charge point itself.

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