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who are our Members?

TECC has many members and their reasons for being part of the club differ. As a co-op, we are the sum total of our members.

all in

We have a good number of Members now who have abandoned their personal vehicles and rely completely on the club for the times that they need a car. We are very pleased to be able to support these people who are helping to reduce the number of cars on the road and the wasted resources associated with under-used vehicles.

trying out EVs

Some of our Members joined so that they can try driving an electric car to see whether their lifestyle, work and situation fit easily with this way of doing personalised transport. Most of these people have gone on to buy their own EV and then allow their membership to lapse.


From the very start, we have had Members who were keen to support this great community initiative but had no need or desire to use the facilities for themselves. We are grateful to these folk, many of whom have given of their time as well as paying their annual membership fees as a way of helping the club financially.

one-off journeys

A few of our Members joined the club when they had a particular journey to make that required a different type of vehicle to the one(s) that they have routine access to. Some of these Members stay on as 'supporters' and others leave the club once the need has passed.

shed the second car

There are some Member households where the club cars are used on occasions where a second car might otherwise be needed. Being part of the car club is significantly cheaper than running a second vehicle and there is great potential for the club and for saving people money.

economy hunter

People are looking to reduce costs, particularly in these days of higher fuel prices and some join the club simply because the costs involved are so much less than running their own car or hiring an ICE (internal combustion engined car) from a traditional rental agency.

environmental concern

Many of our Members are conscious or the impact that travel can have on the ecosystems that we ultimately depend on and they recognise that electric transport can reduce those harms.

what else?

There are probably other reasons for joining the car club; do let us know if we have not covered your motivation.

We are grateful to all of our Members for making this community enterprise a success. As more people become involved, we can grow the Club, adding vehicles to our fleet; diversifying into bikes, e-bike, cargo-bikes; setting up other locations and supporting other communities to develop their own solutions.

All of the work necessary to keep this enterprise running and solvent is carried out by the members, especially the board of directors; there are no paid employees. A particular thanks to members who have joined in when work needed to be done or have fixed issues that they came across.

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